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We’re pleased to announce that JLS volume 1.1 (Spring 2016), a special issue devoted to Lusophone Africa, is now available on-line. The issue is co-edited by Phillip Rothwell and Ana Maria Martinho, and it contains a rich collection of essays from a range of academic disciplines and critical perspectives.

JLS, Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Special Issue on Lusophone Africa

Guest-Edited by Phillip Rothwell and Ana Maria Martinho

Table of Contents


“Introduction. Four Decades of Independence: The Multiple Cultures of Portuguese-speaking Africa”
Phillip Rothwell, Ana Maria Martinho

“Encounters and Silence between Fathers and Sons: G. T. Didial and J. M. Coetzee”
Ana Salgueiro

“The Island in Conceição Lima’s Poetry”
Joana Castaño

“African Anti-Colonialism and the Ultramarinos of the Casa dos Estudantes do Império
Alexandra Reza

“Angola, a Nation in Pieces in José Eduardo Agualusa’s Estação das chuvas
Raquel Ribeiro

“Luanda Through its Prisons: Luandino Vieira’s Papéis da Prisão
Mónica V. Silva

“Literary Voices of Luanda and Maputo: A Struggle for the City”
Margarida Calafate Ribeiro

“Luanda and Maputo: Accounts of the Two Capitals in Urban Heritage Discourse”
Walter Rossa

“Mafalala: Memory of a Sociocultural Landscape”
Francisco Noa

“The Urban Space of Mafalala: Origin, Evolution, and Characterization”
Nuno Simão Gonçalves

“An Introduction to Hip-Hop Culture in Guinea-Bissau: The Guinean Raperu
Federica Lupati

“‘Mulheres Novas Com Cabeças Limpas’: Pitfalls of the Revolution in Licínio Azevedo’s Virgem Margarida
Maria Tavares

“A Body to Make Luanda: The Black Woman from the Countryside in Angolan Literature”
Júlia Garraio

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